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Ever heard of "wonder material" aerogel? 3 mm fiber can withstand -180℃ extreme cold

What is aerogel? Maybe some people have heard of it, but don't know the magic of it. For example, the most common way to keep us warm in winter is with a down jacket, but only 3mm of aerogel fiber is needed to withstand the extreme cold of -180C, which is several times more. Now, this magical material aerogel production line has been established in Chongqing, and a series of products will be launched in the global market. On September 23, the aerogel industry base project invested by Zhongk


The new aerogel makes water purification faster and cheaper

According to foreign media reports, it is possible to obtain pure, clean drinking water by converting liquid brine or polluted water into steam. Now, thanks to a newly developed material, that approach may become cheaper and easier. Invented by Shaobo Han, a postdoctoral student at Linkoping University in Sweden, the material is a cheap, porous aerogel made mostly of cellulose (and air), with the addition of an organic polymer called PEDOT:PSS. fiber


Application of aerogel and its composite materials in energy related technologies

Aerogel was first synthesized by Samuel Kistler in 1932, who defined aerogel as a material that keeps its pores and network structure intact after pore fluid is exchanged with gas. Supercritical drying is the key technology to prevent network collapse during wet gel exchange. In general, aerogel is a special form of very low-density porous material that consists of individual nanoparticles connected to each other to form a three-dimensional network. These have openings and high specific surfaces


Zhongke Runzi power petrochemical energy saving new technology, flying industry emission reduction n

In refining division of sinopec, cnooc refining co., LTD., the national energy group, China shenhua coal oil chemical co., LTD., national oil and gas pipeline group co., LTD. Environmental protection and safety operational headquarters, shaanxi oil (group) co., LTD. Deputy production and operation department, sinochem energy co., LTD., and other units support grandly held in dalian .

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Zhongke Runzi Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2013 with a registered capital of 144,481,588 yuan, ZhongkeRunzi Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company of new materials integrating production, learning and research, which focuses on the research and development and application of aerogel nanotechnology.

The company has a polymer material and composite material basic R & D application team composed of well-known experts, professors, doctors and masters in the field of composite materials, and the production and management team composed of former executives of fortune 500 enterprises and experienced business elites in the industry.



Development of the world's most advanced aerogel preparation method